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Here you'll find free pattens and directions for variations on some of the designs from my books *. Some of the patterns have been posted on my blog and some are separate digital files. Knit them, gift them, share them.  I hope you enjoy them!

            Simple Gifts Neck Cuff with Options                        Best Loved Shawl



                                                     The Goodie Bag Hat



                                                  Carol's Clever Little Shawl  


      Carol Sanders created this pattern, inspired by an antique shawl from the 1800's. She likes to say that the credit belongs to the original unknown creator, "Myrtle" she fondly calls her, but I know that this little gem wouldn't be available to us without Carol's skill and talent. She has kindly offered her pattern to all of us to knit and enjoy and has given me permission to put it up on my website. As the creator of this pattern, Carol asks that you do not sell the pattern or knit it to sell. Knit it for those you love and freely share it as a gift from one knitter to another.
      Some hints: The model was knit with one skein of Dancing Colors yarn with size 7 (US) needle and a gauge of about 3.5 sts and 7 rows per inch in garter stitch. You can use lots of different yarns for this one, but a nice relaxed gauge is best so in order to get a soft fabric for this shawl go up two sizes from the size needle that you would normally use on a sweater. The shawl is knit in garter stitch, from side-to-side, starting at the point ofone of the front closing tabs. The lace edging is knitted on as you go. The shawl is shaped with short rows and closes "cleverly" with interlacing front tabs created at the beginning and end of the shawl. It is very easy to knit once you get going. The pdf directions, given here in Carol's original format, work perfectly. Just follow the directions. I have knitted many of these lovely shawls in many different yarns and they have all been successful, so feel free to experiment with different needle sizes and yarns. I am honored to present Carol's clever and historic pattern to you. Enjoy!

*Directions given here for Pattern Variations assume that you already have access to the original pattern in one of the books

Ruffled Peddler, a variation on the Wool Peddler's Shawl from Folk Shawls

Start with the pattern from Folk Shawls then follow the directions for the variation in the pdf that is linked to the photo. It's a simple knit with great style. The model was knit with one hank each of Cocoa and Charcoal Just Beautiful Alpaca on a size 7 needle.