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      Available in your choice of colors from the Dancing Colors palette, custom kits for two-colored designs include all the yarn for each design. The black companion yarn used in the two-color designs is 100% American made wool with a beautiful matte finish that best complements the Dancing Colors yarns. Patterns are are sold separately either as pdf downloads in the Ravelry shop or are included in one of my three books.
     To order a kit please print the Order Form and send by regular mail.   Online Shopping cart for kits coming soon, until then if you have questions or want to order via email just contact me. You'll be knitting on your new project in no time.

Here's a list of current kits. Questions?  Contact me!

Celtic Lattice Vest (FV)* $73.50

Celtic Roses Shawl $132.00

Cottonwood Vest (FV)* $73.50

Dakota On the Side (KJ)* $137.00

Dakota Shawl Kit $132.00

Double Refraction Shawl $ 63.50

Downover Shawl $ 63.50

Nazo Vest           $63.50

Wildflowers Waistcoat Kit (FV) $86.50

* (FS) = Folk Shawls (FV) = Folk Vests
(KJ) = Knitted Jackets